Follow the White Rabbit

This was my first VR project that I was able to work on with the highly creative and inspiring Nicole Lazarro and her company XEO play. She worked on the famous MYST series earlier in her career, and was interested in where hidden object adventure games could go inside modern VR using a mobile headset.

We started working on Facebooks Occulous Mobile VR Game Jam 2015.

She wanted it to have a rich painterly quality, which would set it apart from the largely low polygon modeled look of most current VR projects. So we did as much as we could using 2d projected cards on 3d planes inside a room. This all took place over 4 weekends and was highly energetic to work on.

We started with a 2d concept of the room, and then I translated that into a 3D environment and created some 3D objects to texture and project more complex items onto cards.

Follow The White Rabbit™ Teaser Trailer, Enhanced, XEOPlay™

Brandon jones cafe lab 03

Concept of the Cafe

Brandon jones vrj starfaceswrongway screen shot 2015 05 11 at 9 10 43 am

Work In Progress in Unity

Brandon jones hutch with 3 cocoa cans on each side 2015 05 08 at 6 17 04 pm

Player View

Brandon jones lab cafe tone thumbnails

Thumbnail Sketches