This was a side-scrolling zombie shooter I worked on for Adult Swim. This was for a sequel to a game they had done in house, but the producers wanted a grittier, more painterly or "realistic" look. The first game was done in flash and had a toony vector look, so I played up the simple silhouettes, but added lots of texture and grunge to make it seem more mature.

I had the privilege of making the main character, Jon, and created him in several poses so he could be animated by the folks at Broken Circle. I created a couple weapons, and designed a few of the environments, as well as some pickups and Icons. I created some FX assets for Firing weapons and taking damage etc... And I created UI Backgrounds for the map screen, main menu screen and more.

I also got to work with the exceptional Tu Bui, who created the grizzly Zombies you are blowing apart.