Design Home

This has been the project I have been working on full force for the last year. It launched in the US in November so I can finally share some examples of the work. Where to begin. I was brought on by Crowdstar last year because of my expertise in 3D, but also because I have a history of setting up art pipelines. The last project I worked on for them before leaving in 2013 was called Covet Fashion, a 2D game where you dress up an avatar in clothes made by real brands.

This game is similar, it uses only real world interior design brands such as DWR, Kathy Kuo, Loloi and more. It was a terrific learning experience because I had no knowledge of interior design and had to get up to speed on design trends. I created the first images that got buy in from the CEO, and heads of Production. Once we had a quality bar established, I started creating the art pipeline.

A true pleasure working with the team to take this from an idea, to a top app.

Brandon jones ch loading coastalgetaway 2048

The Loading Screen I created for the Coastal Themed Series for July. Thanks to Clara Soroerta for the final color adjustments.

Brandon jones design home splashscreen

One of the Events I created which we did a large VRay render for Loading Screens.

Brandon jones comparerendervs realtime

Here is a comparison of our in game, realtime level, next to a ray traced version. Its as close as we can get on a mobile device, while still using PBR materials and allowing the furniture to be changed and effected by the lighting and reflections.

Brandon jones screen shot 2016 08 22 at 5 42 42 pm

Actual gameplay. Furniture is real time, the background is pre-rendered, and we use a skybox for ambient lighting and reflections. We use PBR Unity 5 Shaders so reflective items look particularly good.

Brandon jones screen shot 2016 08 30 at 6 33 47 pm

A bedroom, also in engine.

Brandon jones design home look and feel

The first Look and Feel Render I completed to set the aesthetic .

Brandon jones appstore render

Another render for Marketing

Brandon jones 2016 11 18 19 10 16

And we got number 1 in free games the first weekend.

Brandon jones dresser
Brandon jones chair